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10 Best Books About Faith 4-6

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4. A Testament of Devotion
By Thomas R. Kelly
A Testament of Devotion, first published in 1941 by renowned Quaker teacher Thomas Kelly, includes five compelling essays that urge us to center our lives on God’s presence; to find quiet and stillness within modern life; and to discover the deeply satisfying and lasting peace of the inner spiritual journey. He writes, “Life is meant to be lived from a Center, a divine Center…Life from the Center is a life of unhurried peace and power. It is simple. It is serene. It is amazing. It is triumphant. It is radiant. It takes no time, but it occupies all our time. And it makes our life programs new and overcoming. We need not get frantic. He is at the helm. And when our little day is done we lie down quietly in peace.”

5. Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
By Anne Lamott
Anne Lamott, the dreadlocked author of Bird by Bird and Operating Instructions, among other popular books, says the two best prayers she knows are “Help me, help me, help me,” and “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Traveling Mercies depicts her travel adventures and life experiences as they nudge her toward Christian faith (including a consultation with God on how to parent). Relatable and human as always, Anne doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but she “knows how to shine the light of faith on the darkest part of ordinary life to expose pockets of meaning and hope.”

Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until the light returns. –Anne Lamott

6. Mere Christianity
By C.S. Lewis
If you want to understand what it means to be a Christian in a straightforward way, read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, in which the legendary British novelist outlines his fundamental beliefs about religion and human nature. He finds a commonality among Christian faith, which to him shows that “at the centre of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergences of belief, all difference of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks the same voice.” After reading, not only do you gain a better sense of Christianity, but you also put the book down wanting to be a better person.


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