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40 Faith-Based Netflix Series to Watch Right Now : 11 - 25

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11. "Luther" — The gripping story of one of the founders of the Protestant faith, Martin Luther, is told in this 2003 film, which relates the nailing of his famed 95 theses on a cathedral door, his opposition to the establishment church, and his role in the Protestant Reformation.

12. "The Book of Daniel" — Starting as a slave, Daniel's path to leadership of his people and his fateful encounter in the lion's den is recounted in this inspirational 2013 movie.

13. "Unconditional" — Inspired by true events, this 2012 Christian movie is about a woman who seeks the killer of her husband and finds a new faith in God.

14. "Patterns of Evidence: Exodus" — In this 2014 documentary, archaeologists visit the Holy Land in search of proof that the Exodus, the escape of the Jews from Egypt, actually occurred.

15. "Secrets of the Bible" — Follow experts and adventurers in this 13-part documentary series as they seek proof of Biblical events.

16. "Winning Life's Battles" — Evangelist Joyce Meyer shows how true believers in God can use His power to handle life's problems and win their battles with Satan.

17. "The Book of Esther" — In this 2013 movie, Jewish girl Esther becomes the consort of King Xerxes of Persia and halts his plot to exterminate the Jews.

18. "Apostle Peter and the Last Supper" — Imprisoned by the Romans for his beliefs, Peter attempts to convert them three days before his execution in this 2012 movie starring Robert Loggia.

19. "Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery" — This six-part 2015 documentary series examines stories of Jesus, looking at the Shroud of Turin, Jesus' brother James, Mary Magdalene, Judas, and the True Cross.

20. "The Keys of the Kingdom" — Gregory Peck stars in this 1944 inspirational film as a young priest struggling in China to establish a Catholic parish.

21. "The Story of Ruth" — This 1960 movie tells of the Biblical woman who was sold as a slave to pagans, meets a Hebrew man, falls in love, and adopts the religion.

22. "Starting Over with Andy Stanley" — Georgia pastor Stanley examines mistakes we all make in marriage, career, and life, and gives the Christian approach to making things right.

23. "The Pope From The End of the World" — Pope Francis is the subject of this 2013 documentary that examines his past in Argentina, from being a provincial Jesuit priest to later becoming the leader of the Catholic church.

24. "#Death to Selfie with Steven Furtick" — The pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, tackles life's problems and shows how Christians can lead authentic lives of faith in the modern world.

25. "Secrets of Mary Magdalene" — This 2006 documentary examines the life of the woman who was one of Christ's leading disciples and was present during his ministry and crucifixion.


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