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Churches belonging to the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States

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This is a list of all canonical Eastern Orthodox Churches in the United States. They all form the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. These churches are in full communion with one another, and are all officially recognized by one another. The Orthodox Church in America is regarded as canonical and is in full communion with all the other groups, but its self-governance is questioned.

There may be as many as seven million people in the United States who self-identify as Orthodox due to ethnicity or being baptized as children. They may also be married in the church and baptize their children in the church, but they remain unknown to parishes and do not participate in church life. Many recent immigrants who have come to America also self-identify as Orthodox, but never participate in church life. The table below does not include either of these categories, limiting itself to those Orthodox believers who attend parish churches at least often enough to be counted in the official parish statistics. They are listed as "adherents." The "regular attendees" are the number of people who attend church on a typical Sunday.

This table is sortable. The initial listing is according to canonical position in the order of the diptychs (the ceremonial rankings of jurisdictions within the Orthodox Church). For each North American branch (archdiocese or diocese), the table also lists the jurisdiction of which it is part. The Orthodox Church in America is a jurisdiction onto itself.


Parent Jurisdiction North American branch Adherents Regular Attendees Attendees as % of adherents Bishops Monasteries Parishes Average Parish Size
Total 799,776 210,864 26.4% 53 70 1,860 430
Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople Greek Orthodox Archdiocese 476,878 107,289 22.5% 14 20 525 908
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese 10,457 4,936 47.2% 1 0 79 132
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA 22,362 6,857 30.7% 2 0 101 221
Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America 700 185 26.4% 1 0 2 350
Vicariate for the Palestinian/Jordanian Communities 6,775 815 12%   0 9 753
Patriarchate of Antioch Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese 74,527 27,256 36.6% 9 2 247 302
Moscow Patriarchate Russian Patriarchal Parishes in the USA 12,377 1,952 15.8% 1 2 30 413
Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia 27,677 8,954 32.4% 8 10 136 204
Serbian Orthodox Church Serbian Orthodox Eparchies 68,760 15,331 22.3% 4 18 163 559
Romanian Orthodox Church Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of the Americas 11,203 2,158 19.3% 2 1 31 361
Bulgarian Orthodox Church Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese 2,212 989 44.7% 2 2 20 111
Georgian Orthodox Church Georgian Orthodox parishes in the USA 920 345 37.5% 1 1 6 153
Orthodox Church in America N/A 84,928 33,797 39.8% 9 20 551 154



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