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Can Christianity and Science Coexist?

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In life, we make decisions, from the most basic to the most lasting, lacking specific knowledge about the outcome.

Popular opinions can be like overgrown vegetation blocking our view of reality. One overgrown opinion says Christianity and science are mutually exclusive and so must be in conflict with each other. But they aren’t. Christianity and science can coexist, and it doesn’t take settling the creation versus evolution debate to see it.

We can cut back much of the overgrowth obscuring our view by identifying the kinds of truth statements people can make. These statements, defined by analytic philosophers, include the analytic, synthetic, and meaningless. I’ll explain the definition for each and offer alternative names that help me keep the definitions of these statements straight.

Analytic Statements
Analytic statements are statements that are true by definition. If you know the meanings of the words in the statement on their own, then you can see the truth of the statement in and of itself, all without looking anywhere else to know if it is true or false. For that, I call them definitional statements.

Here’s a classic example, “All bachelors are unmarried men.” You know this sentence is true because, by definition, bachelors are unmarried men. Another example from mathematics, 2 + 2 = 4. If you know what “two,” “plus,” and “equals” mean, then you know this is true. You don’t need to look anywhere beyond yourself to know for certain.

Definitional statements give absolute, certain knowledge. They state facts. But, they can’t make value judgments. Is it good or bad that a man is unmarried? They also do not say much else about the observable world. 2 + 2 = 4 is a true statement whether or not what’s being added together exists in reality.
Kyle G. Jones 


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