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Is Christianity really outdated?

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No, absolutely not! But we must return to that which was from the beginning. Instead of “permission to sin” or egotistical Christianity, we need to go all out to preach in such a way that all in the congregation ask themselves:

“Do I want to live as much as possible according to my lusts here in this world and ‘surf into heaven on grace?’ In that case, Jude 4 describes the result clearly: “… ungodly men, who turn the grace of our God into lewdness …” Or will I repay Jesus with genuine love, by keeping His commandments and being freed from sin?”

“What do I really want?” is the question on which my personal Christianity stands or falls.

With this as a filter many difficult and unanswered questions disappear or become irrelevant. My interest becomes focused on God and His will for my life. When I truly desire to live according to His will, the Holy Spirit will show me the boundaries that God in His great love and divine wisdom has established for me. Then I am no longer interested in pushing these boundaries, whether it has to do with sexuality, movies, music, games or other things.

I understand that it is only by God’s laws and commandments that I can be made free from my own egotism, and He can lead me into His divine peace and joy, both in this life and later in the life hereafter. Instead of the spirit of the times and ever changing trends in the society around me, God’s Word and the Bible become what I use to measure my behavior.

And that is unchangeable. (Hebrews 13:8)


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