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Covered by grace and “permission to sin".

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A fundamental concept in Christianity is the forgiveness of sins. Thereby, Jesus showed that He loves me and I know that I love Him in return. But don’t you think that Jesus had a deeper intention than “only” to set me free from the guilt of my sin when He died on the cross? “If you love Me, keep My commandments,” He says in John 14:15.

Everyone knows that love without action is completely useless. Why would that not also apply here?

If Jesus’ grace “allows” me to backbite, lie, and have critical, demeaning thoughts about others, have I not changed forgiveness of sins into “permission to sin?” Realistically, then, what is the difference between me, as a member of a church, and those who are not members? Is it only forgiveness, which was also available before Jesus? (Hebrews 10:1,9) Do the church leaders have to impose numerous rules and regulations about practical details in order to create a visible division between “them” and “us”?

Are these human interpretations of the Bible, preached as if they were spiritually inspired boundaries placed there by God, merely false Godliness behind which both egotism and pride can continue to prosper? If this is the case, it is not strange that many young people’s experience of the church is that God seems far away.

Not popular to be a Christian
Yet this is the foundation on which Christian youth are expected to establish a direction for their lives. But the spirit of the times entices them with “seek fulfilment for yourself – live life,” and the lusts for sexual immorality rage in their bodies. How can anyone expect these young people to rather choose something that they experience as false, superficial, outdated, and unable to answer the most important questions of life?

The answer is obvious, and that makes it appear bleak for Christianity.


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