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  1. I want to clarify what I said above. I have done all of the required studies and passed the ACBC (Association of Christian BIblical Counselors) Counselor's Exam in all subjects. I have completed 70% of the required supervised counseling, but I did not complete the remaining 30% and the time limit for completion has passed, so I am NOT ACBC certified, just ACBC trained. Perhaps the most helpful book during my trials was The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. The book includes chapters of: A Wife's Understanding of God, Sin, Relationships, Marriage and Her Role; A Wife's Responsibility- Christ, Home, Love, Respect, Intimacy and Submission; A Wife's Submission-Biblical Submission, God's Provision, Honoring Christ, Communication and Conflict;and A Wife's Special Concerns-Anger, Fear,Loneliness and Sorrow. I highly recommend it for an married Christian woman. Martha is an ACBC counselor, meaning she uses the Bible to explain and offer advice, not psychology. This book is an excellent read for engaged women as well.
  2. Through God's good plan for my life, I married a Christian man who brought a nasty sin into the marriage, unbeknownst to me. There were some very, very difficult years in my 19 years of marriage and subsequent divorce. God carried me through those hard years and through the divorce and the aftermath of it. I want to share my struggles and victories with other believers who do not know where to turn with their deepest problems in their marriage. It's not a topic that is preached from many pulpits, even in very conservative churches. Some churches handle it well, while others totally botch it. I've been in both kinds. After many years of biblical counseling, and more years training to be ACBC certified, I stand before you, a sinner saved by grace. I have been ministered to by many, hurt by many and healed by our gracious and good God. Maybe what I have suffered through will encourage you to trust God in your pain. I pray so. Lydia
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