Extra! Ideas for Adults – How to Share Christ – Session 5

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Date: May 23, 2021

Share the Message

The Point: Our daily conversations are opportunities to share Christ.

Get Into the Study

Use the following information to introduce Question #1.

Parade magazine recently published an article titled, “Let’s Talk! 250 Perfect Conversation Starters for Any Social Situation.” The article offered ideas a person could use to start a conversation with someone they meet for the first time or if they want to initiate a deeper conversation with a person. Here are just a few of the suggested conversation starters “for any situation”:

* What made you smile today?

* What was the last good book you read?

* What do you think is the best show on Netflix right now?

* Are you a cat person or a dog person?

* What’s your strangest hidden talent?

* What superpower do you wish you could have?

* What’s the best holiday?

* How did you spend your last birthday?

Say: You all would likely have some more ideas for conversation starters. Then call attention to Question #1 (What are some topics you’re always ready to talk about?) and invite volunteers to respond.

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Study the Bible

Use the following information to introduce Question #4.

Arthur Gonçalves had a desire to help marginalized people, so in 2019 he started a ministry in downtown Sanford, Florida. For Gonçalves, the idea for a ministry there started when he served with a group from his church at a homeless center in the downtown area. Soon the leaders at the center asked him to come and hold a Bible study each week. Every Monday evening for a year, he led a Bible study at the homeless center. During that time, God spoke to Gonçalves and his wife. “We saw that there was a great need for mercy ministry but also for preaching and Gospel ministry,” he said.

Gonçalves’ next step was to begin praying for the downtown Sanford area. He met weekly with 6 or 7 people to pray about the ministry. Soon they were getting involved in the community, helping the police department give gifts to children at Christmas and delivering groceries to elderly neighbors.

Over time the ministry team grew 20 to 30 people and their ministry in the community has expanded too. Since last June, Gonçalves and his ministry team have been serving a meal and holding a worship service every week. They have had as many as 35 people come for the meal and stay for worship. In the past year, six people have placed their faith in the Lord and two people have been baptized.

Gonçalves plans to officially launch Restoration Church in January 2022. He is now a North American Mission Board church planter. Central Baptist Church in Sanford is the sending congregation for the new church plant. “We are so excited to have Arthur and his family serve in our city to reach our community for Christ,” said Alan Brumback, Central Baptist’s pastor. “Arthur has a contagious passion for sharing the Gospel and making disciples of all people and we are excited to be a part of the journey.”

“It is messy coming alongside people, but that is our ministry – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical restoration of others,” said Gonçalves.

Say: Arthur Gonçalves is building bridges for sharing the gospel by helping neighbors and providing meals in the downtown Sanford area. Then call attention to Question #4 (What are some bridges to sharing the gospel in our culture?) and invite volunteers to respond.

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— Donna McKinney wrote these Leader Extras. Donna is retired from a career with the federal government of the United States. She is a veteran Bible study group leader living in North Carolina. 

Additional Questions


  • What are some of your favorite stories to share?
  • What topics do you enjoy talking about? Why?
  • How can our daily conversations be used as opportunities to share Christ?

Acts 17:16-18

  • How comfortable do you feel discussing the gospel with those who aren’t Christians? Why?
  • How can we be more sensitive to opportunities to share the gospel?
  • How can we follow Paul’s example of embracing opportunities to share the gospel?

Acts 17:22-23

  • What setting is most comfortable for you to talk about Jesus?
  • When you read these verses, what stands out to you about Paul’s approach to sharing the gospel?
  • What hobby, interest, or experience of yours has helped you build friendships?

Acts 17:30-31

  • What principles can we learn from Paul about clearly communicating the gospel?
  • What emotions do you feel at the thought of telling others about judgment?
  • What does it mean to you to have the privilege and responsibility to share the gospel?

For Those in Your Group

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How to Talk About Jesus—Without the Angst


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Magazine Article

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Tips for Leading Bible Study Groups

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