A La Carte (April 26)

Good morning! The Lord be with you and bless you today.

If We Don’t Love, We Won’t Last

Jon Bloom: “In recent years, I have watched churches I love dearly fracture, and even break apart. And in the cases I have in mind, the breaks weren’t over doctrinal disagreements or gross immorality, but over offenses given and taken. Longtime friends, having lost trust in one another, could no longer fellowship together.”

What Does It Mean For God to Be Our Father?

Justin Huffman briefly explores some of what it means that God is our Father.

4 More Reasons Planned Parenthood Should Apologize

Planned Parenthood has begun to confront the notorious racism of its founder. Joe Carter suggests there are some other things it ought to apologize for as well.

The Book Of Acts, Mark Dever And John Piper (JUNE 23-24TH)*LIVE*

Join Radius International at Bethlehem Baptist for this live conference. You won’t want to miss the main sessions and the breakouts (Parenting in missions, Movement methodology, Business for Missions, etc.). Free books from Banner of Truth, Desiring God and 9Marks will also be a highlight. We hope you can join us. (Sponsored Link)

Vacuuming Lines

“As the oldest of six and a mother of six, I have done my share of house cleaning. My hands have scrubbed many a toilet, dusted countless surfaces and mopped more kitchen floors than I’d care to count.”

An Open Letter to the Christian at a Secular College

Students at secular colleges would do well to read Michael Kruger’s open letter.

El Blog de Tim Challies en Español

Just a reminder that much of my blog content is translated into Spanish. If that’s your preferred language, you may want to bookmark that site. Also, a number of my mini-books are being translated as well.

God Doesn’t Make Junk (Video)

You’ll probably enjoy this latest video from the John 10:10 Project. “On a planet filled with living organisms that are wonderfully equipped to travel though water, one surprising creature stands out as the most efficient swimmer of them all…”

Flashback: The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

This passage does not warn us that when we skip church we put ourselves at risk. Rather, it warns us that when we skip church we put other people at risk. The first sin of skipping church is the sin of failing to love others.

It is in sin that the only delight of natural men is; but in holiness they have no more delight than a fish upon the earth, or a sow in a palace. —Thomas Boston

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