Weekend A La Carte (March 13)

Grace and peace to you this weekend in all your service and in all your worship.

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Today’s Kindle deals include some classics and some of the lesser-known works of C.S. Lewis.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Inadvertent Trailblazer)

God’s Law Library

Joel Belz makes some astute observations about the differences between our laws and God’s. “God’s rules tend to be few, simple, noncontradictory, and sufficient to stand the test of time without constant updating. Man’s laws—even when well intended—tend to be complex, lengthy, repetitive, full of contradictions, and constantly in need of revision and amendment.”

We Will See His Face

David Mathis writes about the beatific vision, which is a fancy term to describe the wondrous reality that Christians will see God. “As creatures who seek happiness, this is the great Happiness to come, the moment when we, at last, stand face to face before our God to perceive him visually and immediately and more.”

Born Pregnant: Aphids Invade with an Onslaught of Clones (Video)

God has certainly created some uniquely strange creatures.

Still More Humility

We all want to be humble, but we don’t often want to be humbled, do we? “While no one actually enjoys the experience of being humbled, we can never have too much Christ-like humility this side of glory. So let us run to be last for the sake of Christ, for in due time, He will lift us up.”

How Will COVID Permanently Change Churches?

In this article, a whole collection of pastors state how they think COVID may permanently change their churches.

The Bridge Design That Helped Win World War II (Video)

What a neat little video on one of the great innovations of the Second World War: the Bailey bridge.

The True Riches of the Church

“On the last day I would rather stand with the orphans and the widows than with those this world honors. This simply seems to be the route more consistent with the heart of God as displayed in the ministry of Jesus.” It does, indeed.

Flashback: Suburban Sprawl and the Dying Dream of Community Churches

Here in the suburbs, church is one more thing we drive to and choose according to preference rather than proximity. I think it’s time we reconcile ourselves to this as a fact of modern, suburban life.

It is much easier to speak first, thinking you will listen later. But often, speaking first means losing the opportunity to listen at all. —John Younts

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