A La Carte (March 1)

Good morning! Grace and peace to you today.

Today’s list of Kindle deals turned into a pretty good one.

Help! I Don’t Like the Music at My Church

Matt Merker offers help to those who struggle with their church’s music. “Too loud. Too soft. Too rhythmic. Too classical. Not relevant enough. Not transcendent enough. Not polished, creative, innovative, interesting, or powerful enough. Not good enough—at least not for me. How do you feel about the music at your church? Are you ever disappointed by it? Why?”

On Conspiracy Theories and Why Christians SHOULD Be Interested in Them

This is very long but includes lots of interesting insights about conspiracy theories and why they should be of interest to Christians. “Being interested in conspiracy theories is not the same as believing them. It is possible to be knowledgeable of conspiracy claims, but not obsessed. Open, but not blinded by them. In many cases, the safest ground is the middle ground — Agnosticism.”

Then I Will Never Follow Him

Here’s an interesting experience from the mission field. “‘If you follow Jesus,’ I explained to him, ‘He will ask you to love your worst enemies and no longer to hate them.’ ‘What?!’ He responded. ‘Even them? Do you know what they did to my people?’ He was alluding to one of the dominant regional people groups that had historically oppressed and committed genocide against his minority group.”

Food-Delivery Apps vs. Restaurants: The Covid Divide

It seems inevitable that the pandemic will forever change the restaurant industry. This video from WSJ explains how it has impacted it via food-delivery apps.

Slime Mold—Mindless Mapmakers

Answers in Genesis: “Food-gathering slime molds can build a complex network as efficient as Tokyo’s rail system in just 24 hours, without giving it a second thought! How do they do it?”

An American Passport Won’t Get You Into Heaven

I found this article from TGC Africa in better understanding what it means for many people to emigrate from African nations to Europe or North America. “In matters of citizenship, the prize for Nigerians – as in many other countries in the Global South – is very often seen as a passport, or naturalised status, from a developed country. Indeed, in the same way that the American Dream has something to do with baseball and apple pies, ‘the Nigerian Dream is to miss home from abroad,’ as someone keenly surmised.”

Turning Water to Wine

Why was Jesus’s first miracle turning water into wine? Here’s an explanation of the significance.

Flashback: Two Ways To Ruin Your Relationship with the Giver

Our love for Jesus and his world is not a zero sum game. Attention given to creation is not stolen from its Creator. The more we enjoy God’s gifts for their own sake, the more we can appreciate him.

Time is given us to spend in usefulness, not in idleness. Money lost may be regained, but a moment never. —Charles Ebert Orr

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