Weekend A La Carte (February 6)

Grace and peace be with you this weekend as you serve our Lord.

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The Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

This is a good word on kindness. “Kindness is easily pondered, but not so easily carried out. We live in an age of velliety, where simply publishing our desires for kumbaya and world peace are lauded as good deeds, and nice intentions are stated as if they are triumphs. However, we struggle daily to be kind across the internet, across the aisle, and even across our own dinner tables. Any honest couple will admit that as time goes on and familiarity with each other grows, the kindness that seemed so effortless in early days becomes more difficult to convey.”

Israeli Archaeologists Find First Purple Fabric from King David’s Era

“The color purple appears several times in the Bible, usually in a robe draping one of the kings of ancient Israel. But the search for an authentic artifact dyed the royal color from the time of King David has always proved elusive.” Until now…

Things We Remember

“Those Israelites grew weary, as do I. So I am reminding myself that our Savior will soon return. He is cheering us to run our race in faith, trusting in him until we are safely home.”

Proclaiming The Gospel To A Secular Society

“Paul could not simply be a sightseer when there was such spiritual need. He was in Athens as a soul-winner. The Great Commission is to proclaim the gospel to non-Christians who are listening and the paganism of the Athenian people led Paul to devise a strategy to proclaim the gospel to all, whether they were in a place of worship or not. We fail if we abandon the streets of our towns and cities to the cults.”

Pruned to Bear Fruit

This is one of those concepts we know from Scripture but hate to learn in real life.

Mistakes Made: Bypassing the Discipler

Though this article is written in the context of the mission field, I think its lessons extend far beyond.

Flashback: It Takes Two

Gossip is not only a sin of the mouth, but also a sin of the ears. It takes two: the one who speaks and the one who listens.

It is God’s will that we should love; it may not always be God’s will that we should be loved. —J.R. Miller

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