A La Carte (January 18)

Good morning. The Lord be with you today!

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(Yesterday on the blog: For the Christian Who Is Afraid To Die)

An Unhealthy Craving

“In 1 Timothy 6:3-5, the Apostle Paul is addressing the character and manipulation of false teachers. In context, Paul is stating that false teachers have an unhealthy craving for controversy. This is, of course, undoubtedly true. However, this principle applies to all Christians as well. There are many Christians in the body of Christ who have an unhealthy craving for controversy.”

Literally The Man on the Island

“Perhaps I shouldn’t have been that surprised that my friend would ask ‘the man on the island’ question. Ultimately, it turns out that objections to the gospel really are quite universal. There is a certain logic of the lost mind that doesn’t change that much from New York to Kabul, Mumbai to Paris. We naturally just don’t like the justice and the grace of God – whatever our religious and cultural background.”

AGTV: Instant Access to Great Videos

AGTV exists to guard and proclaim the biblical gospel of Christ crucified, and to provide Christians and their local churches with resources to refute the errors of the “American Gospel.” At AGTV you have unlimited access to films and documentaries like American Gospel, Luther, Calvinist, Christianity Explored, and Epic. (Sponsored)

How America Bankrupted its Cities

This video is quite interesting as it shows how America (and Canada) have bankrupted their cities.

Don’t Edit Your Prayers

“There is a time and place for formal, planned prayers. It is not like they are bad. They can be good models to follow in some instances, encouraging us to be thoughtful when we talk to God.”

The Jewels of Winter (Video)

“The Jewels of Winter,” as you may surmise from the title, is about snowflakes. It celebrates God’s handiwork in something we tend to take for granted.

More Than Sexual Purity

“If our discipling of young men consists merely of encouraging spiritual disciplines and checking sexual temptation, why would we be surprised when our men are spiritually immature, and our churches are deprived of leadership?” We should not be surprised…

Flashback: With Greater Age Comes Greater Joy

As we progress in life, we begin to experience the beautiful consequences of a life lived in God’s way to God’s glory.

Walking with God in the dark is safer than walking alone in the light. —J.R. Miller

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