A La Carte (January 12)

Today’s Kindle deals include quite a number of books on apologetics from Zondervan, plus a couple of good picks from Reformation Heritage.

Here’s a reminder that much of my content is translated to Spanish and posted publicly right here.

(Yesterday on the blog: Would It Be Okay For Me To Be Angry With God?)

Death Is Not the End

I woke up yesterday thinking about the closing lines of the Apostle’s Creed. It was good, then, to read Andy Naselli’s article on that very thing.

The Weakness of Prayer Makes Strong Christians

Jared Wilson offers some good insights on prayer, including this: “In prayer, you are not in the place of control but in the place of submission. Through prayer we bare our hearts, minds, and souls to the God who wants to be our friend and deliverer. And the more we do this baring, the more we will experience of his power, even in our lowest and weakest of moments. Prayer is essentially weaponized weakness.”


I thorough enjoyed Joe Spring’s new poem which perfectly fits the times.


Susan Lafferty’s new article is not poetry, but is still plenty poetic in its form.

Can A Christian Fall Into Deep Sin, Die, And Still Be Saved? (Video)

Sinclair Ferguson offers a strong answer to this question.

I Thank God For You

“What is your attitude toward other believers in Jesus Christ? Do they have to agree with you, or reach a certain level of maturity, or come from a certain background for you to joyfully thank God for them?”

Evangelicals and Race Theory

Carl Trueman has penned a long and interesting article on Evangelicals and Critical Race Theory.

Flashback: The Year I Saw Billions of Dollars in Art

If a human artist can do so much and gain such acclaim through his use of the most mundane materials, think what the Divine Artist can do with a human canvas. Think how much acclaim he can gain from the likes of you and me—creatures who are created in his very image.

God is more willing to pardon than to punish. Mercy does more multiply in Him than sin in us. —Thomas Watson

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