A La Carte (December 22)

You may want to check out this fantastic Narnia-inspired Emmanuel poster my friend Stephen McCaskell has produced. It can be purchased as a poster or downloaded for free as a wallpaper for your phone.

Today’s Kindle deals are a bit of a grab bag, but if you browse through you may find something that appeals.

(Yesterday on the blog: On Following Mediocre Leaders)

2020: A Christian Music Review

Every December I link to Jeremy Howard’s review of Christian music from the year that was. Here’s the 2020 edition.

Don’t Be in a Rush to Bid This Year Goodbye

Speaking of the year that was, Melissa’s advice is not to be in too big of a rush to bid it goodbye.

Why Does It Matter that Jesus Was Born of a Virgin?

Kevin DeYoung answers an important question here: Why is it so important that Jesus was born of a virgin?

A Plain Tree…A Needed Reminder

“This is the first tree in our 22 years of marriage that isn’t decked out with ornaments, but in many ways it fits the kind of year it’s been. While much of our personal life has stayed the same in 2020, for so many we love it has looked quite different. Their ‘world’ has been stripped bare of many of the ‘ornaments’ that beautifully hung on their lives, filling their days, weeks and months.”

How to Overcome Temptation

Jared Wilson looks at the temptation of Jesus to find some strategies for how we can overcome temptation.

Contra Rod Dreher, Not All Signs Point to a Woke Dictatorship in America

I enjoy a good critical review of a popular book—especially a popular book that I enjoyed. In this review at CT, Samuel James points out what he considers shortcomings in Rod Dreher’s Live Not By Lies. (Here is Dreher’s response.)

Do You Desire the Gift More than the Giver?

It’s always a question we need to ask, isn’t it?

Flashback: No Low Too Low

Through his birth, his life, and his death, he shows that the way to be great in God’s eyes is to go low, to love others, to serve others, to give up comfort, to give up privilege, and to do it all for God’s glory.

The baby Mary carried was not a Caesar, a man who would become a god, but a far greater wonder – the true God who had become a man! —Kent Hughes

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