A La Carte (December 21)

I’ll give Logos users another reminder that the 12 Days of Logos promotion is wrapping up soon and offers some really good deals ranging from $1.99 and up. Also, and separately, is a deal on some solid Baker resources like the BECNT series.

Today’s Kindle deals include a nice little list of books that is worth at least a quick look.

Sharp Eyes, Soft Hearts, and Sanctified Minds

David Steele provides some useful criteria for evaluating Christian books.

The Story Behind Handel’s Messiah

You may enjoy reading this brief account of the composing of Messiah. “When his operas and his health began to fail, Handel sank into bankruptcy and despair, believing his career was over. In 1741, he was invited to Ireland to direct one of his works at a charity performance. Handel decided to write a new oratorio.”

For the Joy before Him, Christ Came

Dane Ortlund: “Thomas Goodwin wrote that Christ’s ‘own joy, comfort, happiness, and glory are increased and enlarged by . . .’ Now how would you finish that sentence?”

How Christmas Trees Are Made

How do all those Christmas trees come to be? This brief article from Vox explains.

Does Joy Come After Suffering, Or in It?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, lately. You can read (or listen to) John Piper’s take on whether joy comes after suffering or in the midst of suffering.

Music in Wartime

This article on the beauty and importance of music leads to some seasonal recommendations. “In times of discouragement as well as times of gladness, we can reach for the song. It is God’s gift to us to remind us that victory is sure, even if not yet here.”

Seeing The Good And Not Just The Bad

It is an important Christian discipline to see the good and not just the bad, even in a year like 2020.

Flashback: 6 Practical Ways to Honor Your Parents

Young children honor their parents through their obedience, but what about adults? How do we honor our parents in ways that are fitting?

He who demands a reason from God is not in a fit state to receive one. —C.H. Spurgeon

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