EXTRA! Ideas for Adults – All In: A Life of Commitment– Session 7

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Date: November 29, 2020

Committed to His Mission

The Point: God desires for all people to hear and respond to the gospel.

Get Into the Study

Use the following information to introduce Question #1.

A family in Sydney, Australia, recently called local firefighters to help rescue a lost kitten. The cat had gotten stuck behind a wall in the family’s home. Firefighters followed the meowing sounds and used thermal imaging equipment to pinpoint where the kitten was hiding in the wall. Then the firefighters cut a hole in the wall, and gently removed the kitten. The rescue operation took about 20 minutes.

Say: Finding the lost cat required some firefighters and thermal imaging equipment. Then call attention to Question #1 (What’s your typical response when you lose something?) and invite volunteers to respond.

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Get Into the Study [Additional Option for Adult Leader Guide]

Read “The Point” aloud. Then play a video clip of a people who need to hear and respond to the gospel to drive home the great need for group members to be involved in the Great Commission

Study the Bible

Use the following information to supplement Question #5.

When Covid-19 prevented IMB missionary Caron Johnson from traveling, she tried to think of other ways to share the gospel. So she contacted Fernando Brandão, who is the director of the South Brazil Seminary and executive director of the Brazilian Baptist Convention’s National Mission Board to make some connections. Johnson offered to start virtual English classes to connect volunteers in the U.S. with Brazilians for online English conversations. Some of the Brazilians taking part in the conversations are church leaders. But others who are participating are people from outside the churches. The curriculum Johnson developed is based on the Book of Mark, and it allows the volunteers in the U.S. to use the English classes as a ministry platform. “The ultimate goal,” Johnson said, “is for both Brazilian students and SBC volunteers to work together to share the gospel in a cross-cultural context, learning from one another.”

Say: When Covid-19 made travel difficult, Caron Johnson dreamed up a plan that allowed people to share the gospel through easy online conversations. Then call attention to Question #5 (What practical steps can our group take to see the gospel spread to all people?) and invite volunteers to respond.

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— Donna McKinney wrote these Leader Extras. Donna is retired from a career with the federal government of the United States. She is a veteran Bible study group leader living in North Carolina. 

Additional Questions


  • What’s the closest you’ve ever come to being really and truly lost?
  • When have you felt like you were “on a mission” to get something done?
  • If you had to write a mission statement for your life, what would it be?

Romans 10:9-10

  • Why is confessing Jesus’ lordship essential to one’s salvation?
  • If you were called upon to tell what Jesus has done for you, what would you say?
  • What is required for a person to be saved?

Romans 10:11-13

  • Why might we hesitate to share the good news of the gospel?
  • What do these verses reveal about God’s nature?
  • How does it make you feel that the gospel message is for all people? What does this mean for our relationships?

Romans 10:14-17

  • Who first told you about Jesus? How did they do it?
  • What part can you play in sharing the gospel?
  • What is the hardest part for you about telling someone about Jesus?

For Those in Your Group

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Going to the World … Going Next Door


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Magazine Article

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Tips for Leading Bible Study Groups

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