A La Carte (November 10)

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No Blank Slate Christianity

“One of the saddest phenomena in the evangelical church is the generations-long subscription among many to a kind of half-gospel. A sinner hears the good news of the forgiveness of sins through the saving work of Jesus Christ and they come to faith without knowing the other half of it.” Indeed.

What Do We Owe A President?

Denny Burk says, “At the end of a bitterly fought election season, it is good for us Christians to consider what we owe a president. At the very least, we owe our president a commitment to pray for him.”

Misunderstanding the Church

This promises to be the beginning of an interesting series. “Whether we have tolerated our new restrictions with heavy hearted patience, or now feel a resistance to them in their concept and execution, what has clearly emerged is that government and society don’t merely undervalue the work of the local church, but that they fundamentally don’t understand it.”

Do Virtual Churches Actually Exist?

Speaking of the church, we ought to consider this: Is there any such thing as a virtual church?

Hope Is Better Than Nostalgia

“The hope of the resurrection is good news for our joys because they, and the rest of creation will be perfected and glorified and ‘set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom and the glory of the children of God’ (Romans 8:21). This means that we no longer need to hold onto the past with a vehement fear that time is running out, but a confident joy and expectation that God will make ‘everything beautiful in its time’ (Ecclesiastes 3:11).”

The Wise Asked to Be

“To ask for wisdom is to submit to God’s abundance and our lack, his will and our inability to see the big picture. It’s to ask him to share what he has in overflow, and to trust that our Daddy will not give a rock when we ask for bread (Matt. 7:9). God’s wisdom reorients our hearts to his sovereignty and our shortsightedness. It recasts our requests in light of his larger story.”

Will Our Time and Efforts Invested in Hobbies Be Considered Worthless at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

Here’s Randy Alcorn on an important question. “God is the source of all lesser goods, so that when they satisfy us, it’s God Himself who satisfies us. We should reject any view that seeks to divorce our experience of God from life, relationships, and the world—all of which God graciously gives us.”

Flashback: Set an Example in Your Purity

To have a pure heart and pure hands you must first have a pure mind. You need to be careful what you allow into your mind, what you see, what you read, what you hear.

Those who must be placed in the forefront of the church’s business, must be, first of all, men who know how to pray. —E.M. Bounds

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