A La Carte (September 30)

Today’s Kindle deals once again include lots of good picks. Near the top would be Romans for You, an excellent study…

Logos users will want to be sure to grab the free (and maybe also the cheap) books of the month for September before it’s too late! While you’re at it, check out this long list of commentaries on sale.

I’ve been on a few podcasts lately if that’s of interest to you: Real Talk is a longform podcast where we talked about various doctrinal issues; Verse by Verse is primarily for preachers; Tyrannus Hall reflected on the Canadian Reformed Church and broader evangelicalism.

What If The Church Wasted The Covid Crisis By Not Prepping For A More Hostile Shutdown?

That’s a valid “what if.” “What if we had used the COVID disrupter as a dry run to prepare our churches for the rise of increasingly restrictive government measures on what the church can proclaim and practice? Because all the signs are saying that is clearly a direction we could be headed in.”

Conquering the Frog

I loved reading about Ben conquering the frog. “We took a little getaway recently, just me, my husband and our 28 year old son who has intellectual disabilities. We had planned some fun activities, but from the moment Ben spotted the kiddie pool, it was all he could think about. ‘Wog’ he said, making the sign for ‘frog’ under his chin, ‘Me!’”

Is Your Website Sending The Right Message To People Who Visit?

Your website is most often the first impression people have of your church, ministry, or business. What are people seeing when they visit yours? Mere Agency knows how to build sites that make the right impression. They’ve done it for hundreds of organizations of all shapes and sizes and can do it for you. (Sponsored Link)

It’s Okay to Be a Pastor

Kevin DeYoung has some encouragement for pastors. “You don’t need to hear it from me, but maybe I need to hear it from myself: Pastor, you have permission to be a pastor.”

Pastoring Through Political Turmoil

And while we’re on the subject of pastors and pastoring, the new issue of the 9Marks Journal is all about pastoring through political turmoil.

Should We Livestream The Lord’s Supper? (Video)

I expect most people have already answered this one in their own context. Still, here’s a good answer.

Stop! Think Twice Before Switching Churches in 2020

Ivan Mesa has some wise words for those who are thinking about switching churches in the coming weeks.

Flashback: 2 Surefire Ways to Avoid Persecution

I appreciate how John Stott frames this. He says, “The first group escapes persecution by withdrawing from the world, the second group by becoming assimilated to the world.”

God excludes none from the benefits of the gospel that will not exclude themselves; it is free to all. —Thomas Boston

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