A La Carte (September 23)

The only Kindle deals I could track down were a few titles by Warren Wiersbe. Beyond that it’s a bit of a slow day.

Wrestling with Beauty and Loss

I enjoyed this reflection on the odd juxtaposition of beauty and loss. “I think we all wonder about this tension-perhaps especially now when the news cycle seems to brim with bad news. We rejoice in God’s faithfulness in our lives, and then grab our phones and see nothing but the hardship of others. Or perhaps we are the ones in the midst of the pain, while we watch prayers be answered for others. It’s a hard tension to hold.”

Becoming an Old Soul Christian

Jared Wilson is pondering getting older and becoming an old soul Christian. “As you age, it seems like everything is passing you by. The world isn’t made for you any longer. Which is why you can become more susceptible to anger as you age. You feel left out, forgotten. Everything keeps changing at a rapid pace, but you are slowing down. Isn’t it a wonder that the Lord keeps pace with you? You may be long passed up by everything and everyone around you, but he won’t leave you behind.”

Red Rope Christianity

“The red rope is there to tell you something. One lot of people on this plane is special. The others? Well not so special. But hey, we made you walk through the special part right at the start to see what you were missing out on!” Life is full of these “red ropes,” isn’t it?

Here’s Another Reminder to Be Gracious During 2020

“I want to be gracious, and right now that’s a virtue in short supply. This year has been out of control. Unfortunately, so have many people’s manners. This is a reminder to be gracious to others—especially when it’s easy not to. I’m not saying I’m perfect—far from it. This is a reminder for myself, as well.”

A Mini Q&A on A Few Calvinistic Doctrines

David Qaoud has a mini Q&A on some aspects of Calvinist doctrine.

The Importance Of Creating Things That Don’t Last

Just like the title says, there’s importance in creating things that don’t last.


Here’s Alan Jacobs on the rising use of the word “gaslighting.” “One of the more pernicious quirks of English usage to arise in the past few years is the employment — by a remarkably large number of people, it seems to me — of the term ‘gaslighting’ as the default explanation for disagreement. Nobody just disagrees with me anymore, they’re trying to gaslight me.”

Flashback: The Depth of My Depravity

You don’t know how deeply sinful you are by your unrighteousness deeds, but by your rejection of God and his grace. That is the most serious, heinous, and damnable sin of them all.

Thank God you have got a Father that can be angry, but that loves you as much when He is angry as when He smiles upon you. —C.H. Spurgeon

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