All lives matter & all truth matters, in resisting reverse racism.

Jun 18, 2020 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

When you see the statues fall, you know the revolution has begun. And like so many revolutions, another sign that we are in the middle of one, is the silencing of critics.

A radio presenter in the Isle of Mann carelessly suggested “all lives mattered.” In any week from the day when electricity was discovered until poor George Floyd was pitilessly murdered, no one would have disagreed. But such is the speed of this present revolution, that Stu Peters was off the air, suspended within hours for asking if white privilege was as universal as his caller thought it was.

He’s not the only person to be asking questions of this revolution of thought. Trevor Philips, himself Black, and a member of the Labour party (by the skin of his teeth though that’s another story) has been challenging the presenting narrative. He doesn’t buy it.

“…these rows aren’t about equality at all. In reality they are a grim struggle for the right to describe the world without your view being queried, contested or contradicted.”

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