Hatred Stirs Up Strife

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins. Proverbs 10:12

Hatred, we see a lot of it today. In the streets, on social media, maybe even in your own home. What does hatred accomplish? Why cant we allow people to have their own opinions and thoughts? Its human nature we want everyone to think like us, to act like us, to look like us, but this is not reality. The reason we have a hatred problem is because we have a sin problem. If we would follow the words of Christ to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31) and to even “Love your enemy” (Matthew 5:44) Then we wouldn’t have all these hatred problems, however the root of hatred comes within ourselves

Its our human fallen nature to want to hate, if you don’t believe try loving your enemy. Its difficult! Love is not always easy but its always right. You might say “How can we love these people”? Well Jesus could have said the same thing for us! How can we die for us wicked sinners, because He loved us. And if Christ can love us, why cant we love others?

Love covers all sins, this was demonstrated at the cross. The reason Jesus layed down his life for you , was simply because of love. Christ wasn’t obligated to die for you, he could have sent us all to Hell , and it would have been justified. But because of Love, Christ died for your sins and gave us eternal life.

So now knowing this, knowing that God had mercy on you because he loved you, you are now expected to love others also. Even the ones who don’t agree with you, even the ones who hate God. Yes this is difficult, but its not impossible because of what Christ has done for us! Amen!

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