A La Carte (January 2)

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Decade in Review: Marital Norms Erode

Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George teamed up for an opinion piece at USA Today. “Law shapes culture; culture shapes beliefs; beliefs shape action. The law now effectively teaches that mothers and fathers are replaceable, that marriage is simply about consenting adult relationships, of whatever formation the parties happen to prefer. This undermines the truth that children deserve a mother and a father — one of each.”

Weighed in the World’s Scales

William Godfrey explains why it’s important that a pastor has an impeccable reputation even in the eyes of unbelievers. “Outsiders form their opinions of the church based on what they see in its leaders. They watch us on the sidelines of our children’s sporting events, eating out at restaurants, interacting on social media, and working alongside them, all the while observing how we live out the faith we profess. Do outsiders see the inner wisdom of a Christian’s enlightened heart shining out in our lives? If we desire to be properly qualified elders, this is what outsiders must see.

Abortion Was Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019

Disrn reports: “Abortion was the number one cause of human death worldwide in 2019 by far, with over 42 million killed.”

Drowned in a Sea of Irrelevance

It was a perfect illustration of something that poisons the collective mind of 21st century Western culture: a growing inability and, dare I say, unwillingness to think deeply. Our urge for constant entertainment is met with countless options that are literally at our fingertips. Everything—from the important to the unimportant, from the life-changing to the twee—blends together in one big pool of mind-numbing distraction.”

Bible Reading Plan Generator

John Dyer has updated his ultra-neat Bible Reading Plan Generator (which does exactly what you’d expect based on the name). It gives all kinds of options to customize a reading plan that is just right for you.

He Took Up Arms Against Liberalism

Here’s John Piper’s brief biography of a man you should know: J. Gresham Machen.

5 Reasons Matthew Begins with a Genealogy

Patrick Schreiner: “On his first page, Matthew begins speaking about Jesus with a genealogy. We might be tempted to let our eyes skim down and get to the real action. But Matthew begins this way intentionally. In many ways, this is the most fitting and compelling introduction to the New Testament imaginable. Here are five reasons Matthew’s genealogy is the introduction of introductions.”

Flashback: Comforting Quotes for Those Who Are Suffering

We all go through difficult times in these difficult lives in this broken world, and a book like this one delivers comfort rooted in the Comforter.

I have one desire now — to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it. —Elisabeth Elliot

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