A Fall excursion into critical events of our day, and some not so critical

Some of these have been in storage here for a while.

Bruce Ashford: How can Christians keep our sang-froid in America’s vitriolic and effluvial public square?” I’ve no answer for him. Let’s sang a syrupy hymn and see how that works.

And again, the august provost rightly objects to the taste-bud insulting libationary experiences that come from pumpkin spiced latte…but then he trashes candy corn. He’s batting .500.

Atlanta Braves pitchers: Teheran, Soroka, Fried, Keuchel, Foltynewicz. I’d probably be batting .200 in first time pronunciations.

Dee Parsons, indefatigable and now lone Wartburg Watch blogger comments on the firing (a while back) of James MacDonald’s sons: “Both of them appear to believe they had a sinecure due to their last name.” Sinecures and celebrity clergy, a match made behind closed doors but paid for by humble, and unknowing, pew sitters. JMacD was set to anchor our Pastor’s Conference a couple of years ago. Now that would have been a dumpster fire.

Some words and phrases banned by blogger fiat: woke, dumpster fire, unpack, season, safe space, structural. On the questionable list: church revitalization. I’m unconvinced that there is any quantifiable meaning to the phrase in SBC church life. It certainly has meaning (and a cost) as the title of a staff position or program.

And although it might be declared from on high that the local church is SBC headquarters but evidence increasingly points to state and national entities as the focii of our beloved Southern Baptist Convention. Follow the money…if you can.

There’s a word for the unprecedented appearance of FIVE teams from the SEC in college football’s top ten: MONEY. Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, and Florida have combined athletic revenues of over three quarters of a billion dollars. The five are, not coincidentally, also in the top ten in athletic revenues. The SEC’s Texas A&M has higher revenues that all five of these but is ranked 22nd at the moment. The Aggies get their money’s worth every year from their splendid band and Corps of Cadets. Only occasionally from their football team.

So, a 16 year-old Swedish climate activist declares an existentialist threat? Has a couple of books out. Mozart? Stevie Wonder? Bernadette? Jean of Arc?

Sad to see the estimable Jonathan Howe crash and burn so soon after his promotion to an important job: “Official. Kansas City has best BBQ in US. And it’s not close.”

It’s not too soon to speculate about the 2020 SBC presidential election. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that it will be a male, a megapastor. I’d vote for most any non-male, non-megapastor, though. I have no complaints about our current male megapastor’s two years of service.

Another prediction: The ERLC’s conference next week in Dallas will be a stellar event but will not come close to satisfying critics. I’m looking forward, from a distance, to the event. I think one of the Voices team will be present. I hope he will write regular reports and observations.

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