‘Breaking Out of The Man Box’

Our society is undergoing dramatic changes in how we see and respond to gender realities and relationships—from fluid sexual identities to the #metoo movement. One stubborn change that many should welcome—including many in the church—is in how we see masculinity and how traditional views of that social construct often hinder and certainly harm relations between men and women.

Several men will offer enlightened views about hyper versus healthy masculinity at a half-day seminar, titled “Breaking Out of the Man Box”*—on Saturday, September 28, from 9 AM to 3 PM—at Simpson House, 2101 Belmont Ave, Philadelphia. The cost is only $20 , CEUs are available, and online registration is still open until Friday, September 27. Men and boys, and the women who love them, are urged to attend with open minds and hearts ready to learn and share what they learn.

The event is sponsored by the Eastern PA Conference’s new Domestic Violence Committee. The 2018 Annual Conference established that committee to address the lethal sin and scourge of domestic violence that harms too many women, men, children and families—including many seated in pews and pulpits of our churches.

John W. Coleman serves as director of communications for the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference.

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