The Anglican Communion and false teaching

  • Archbishop Justin Welby at Jallianwala Bagh

    by Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden: The London Times has reported “that the Archbishop of Canterbury has expressed his “profound regret and shame” for the massacre of more than 400 unarmed Indian civilians by British Indian army troops a century ago. “Prostrating himself before a memorial to those shot in the Jallianwala Bagh walled garden […]

  • THOUGHTS ON THE JERUSALEM DECLARATION 2: Proposing a Life-and-Death Amendment

    by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican: In my first essay on “Gafcon and the Church” I argued that the Jerusalem Declaration is establishing an ecclesial identity for the Gafcon movement in the Anglican Communion. The first seven clauses and the final clause lay the biblical and historical framework of the apostolic faith in the Anglican tradition: […]

  • The First Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Christian Morality in the Roman Empire

    from The Gospel Coalition: Kyle Harper’s From Shame to Sin: The Christian Transformation of Sexual Morality in Late Antiquity (Harvard, 2013) is an impressively learned and important book. Still a youngish man (which means younger than me), Harper is already a professor of classics and letters and senior vice president and provost at the University of […]

  • The Episcopal Church: The Collapse Is Here

    Tom Ferguson, retired Episcopal seminary dean, tells it like it is with no sweet talking.  Since 2003, when Gene Robinson became TEC’s first partnered gay bishop, TEC’s ASA has dropped from 858,000 to 562,000 — a decline of 34%.  There are now more TEC parishes with an average attendance of less than 10 persons than […]

  • Worship and evangelism in new ‘dark ages’ mission

    by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. A recent piece in the Church of England Newspaper (23rd August, £) reflected on the church’s task in contemporary society. Worship, which is the attitude and activity of glorifying God by believers, should not be confused with evangelism, the explaining of the Christian message to unbelievers and invitation to repentance and […]

  • Identity Politics & The Great Scattering

    by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative: Mary Eberstadt just published a great new book, Primal Screams: How The Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics. Her thesis is that the fragmentation and dissolution of the family as an institution created a primal craving for a sense of identity among young people. In this essay for Quillette, Eberstadt […]

  • Sticks and stones . . .

    by Chris Sugden, The Conservative Woman: Book Review:  The Abuse of Language and the Language of Abuse by Andrew Kirk; Grosvenor House Publications 2019, 209p. £6.39 and e-book £4.00. WOULD that all the house of bishops and their press officers might read and discuss Andrew Kirk’s discussion of the current use of words in public […]

  • What can Christians say about Britain and Europe?

    by Ian Paul, Psephizo: The question of Britain’s relationship with the EU is rapidly becoming the most pressing question of our time—and perhaps the most pressing question for our national life for several generations, certainly since the end of the Second World War. Yet Christian leaders seem to fall into one of two traps—either saying […]

  • Why More Muslims Are Turning to Jesus

    by David Garrison, Newsweek: In the 8th century, the Great Imam, Abu Hanifa (699-767), coined the term “House of Islam” (Dar al-Islam) as those places where Muslims enjoyed peace and security under the rule of an Islamic government. The rest of the world Hanifa designated Dar al-Harb or “the House of War.” Hanifa’s triumphalist worldview […]

  • From Gay to Gospel: The Fascinating Story of Becket Cook

    from The Gospel Coalition: Ten years ago, Becket Cook was a gay man in Hollywood who had achieved great success as a set designer in the fashion industry. He worked with stars and supermodels, from Natalie Portman to Claudia Schiffer, traveling the world to design photo shoots for the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. […]

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