Responding to the climate emergency

Sep 21, 2019 by

by the Archbishop of Canterbury, on facebook:

As a Christian, responding to the climate emergency is not optional – it’s essential. We’re called to protect God’s creation and love our neighbour.

It’s inspiring to see young people so passionate about protecting God’s creation and calling our attention to the climate emergency. Thank you for showing us where our priorities should be.

Please be safe in all you do – and encourage your school to organise participation activities, as many schools, churches and cathedrals are already doing.

I received these cards from children recently, asking for adults like me to speak up and support them. Thank you for your leadership. I’m praying for your voices to be heard around the world. — at Lambeth Palace.

Watch:  A message from Australia to all the kids who have walked out of school today to protest climate change:

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