Wear your cross on National Cross Day

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Thursday 26th September 2019!

Do you have a cross? Perhaps in your jewellery box or tucked away in a drawer?

Make sure you wear it on National Cross Day!

Why a National Cross Day?

There are millions of Christians in the United Kingdom. Where you work. On the train or bus. Where you volunteer. Where you socialise. But – do you know who they are?

For too long, grassroots Christians have been invisible. Yes, there are the people you see on Sunday mornings – but at other times?

National Cross Day enables you to find Christians everywhere!

What do I have to do?

  • Wear your cross on National Cross Day, 26th September (including at work if that’s allowed)
  • Round your neck. On a lapel. Pinned on your shirt. Anywhere other Christians can easily recognise you – and you can recognise them.
  • Then talk to them. Make new friends. Build new Christian networks!

That’s the idea. Very simple. You CAN do it!

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