What matters is context: Why a new study on homosexuality falls short

Sep 19, 2019 by

Dr. Christian Spaeman, LifeSite:

Editor’s note: In the following article, psychiatrist Dr. Christian Spaemann comments on a recent study showing there is no “gay gene.”

Yet another study about homosexuality, and, yet again, nothing new. This is fairly unsurprising, since the estimation of same-sex attraction requires an all-encompassing and differentiated approach, which takes into consideration human sexuality and attachment, as well as biology and psychology. Since the perspective on the human person is never free of philosophical presuppositions, such an overall view will always remain controversial. However, since the 1970s, this controversy has largely been put on hold. The representatives of the societal paradigm, which has so far determined the societal discourse of “Equality” and “Anti-discrimination” have taken a hold of the topic. The discussion has long ceased to be about tolerance and preventing real discrimination against homosexuals and is now about the establishment of an ideology.

The principle of law concerning discrimination is: “The same must be treated the same, what is different may be treated differently.” This means that excluding a homosexual from a high position in a bank would be discrimination, while not granting a homosexual couple the right for adoption, would not be. This is due to the fact that it makes a difference for the child whether it has a mother and a father or two mothers or two fathers.

Now back to the establishment of ideology. The thinking of the post-structuralist intellectual, for whom differences between individuals as such already mirror power dynamics, has increasingly become influential to society. This form of radical nominalism has been intent on destroying all differences between people, as for example the difference between man and woman, healthy and sick, normal and a-normal, and unnatural, and in a sense, systematically changing the whole consciousness of society. Human deficits are no longer balanced out by compassion and solidarity, but simply done away with. A person born with three limbs, according to this, can only feel well if humanity stops assuming four limbs to be the norm.

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