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I’m still on sabbatical and one of my sabbatical projects is collating and reworking some of my earlier writings into a form fit to publish. One of my sabbatical challenges is trying to find places to worship on a Sunday that will not haul me unceremoniously back into work mode. Project and challenge came together this morning as I tried to slip unnoticed into Fitzroy Presbyterian (I failed in being unnoticed) and in listening to my friend Steve Stockman preach on the importance of Being With Each Other my mind went to the following piece. It originated as part of the last event I worked on with New  Irish Arts (whose chamber choir were on the Proms in the Park” event at the Titanic slipways), entitled “Genesis: A Celebration of Creativity” marking their 10th Anniversary, but I have posted it here a couple of times in a slightly different form.

Have you ever looked at yourself 

in the mirror of a morning

And wondered

“What does anyone see in me?”

The Creator looked at himself 

in a mirror one morning, a 

mirror which he had made,

A mirror fashioned out of clay

Transformed into flesh, blood and bone.

And in the mirror of man’s eye

God saw himself…

But it was not good, for

He was alone

And God was never alone. He 

was always “us.”

So God made another to 

make the picture complete.

And that morning he saw himself 

in the mirror of humanity

Male and female

Loved and loving

Created to create


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