Communist China is harvesting the organs of its Muslim minority. Lefties are silent

Sep 15, 2019 by

by Niall McCrea,Rebel Priest:

A white-beaded melon seller, his knife chained to the stall. A long queue outside a rural hospital—inside, a throng of people of all ages in a sweltering hall: they have come for a mandatory blood test, but they are not told why. Arrow signs at airports marked ‘fast track organ transport channel.’

Linking these images at a meeting of the End Transplant Abuse in China pressure group in the Houses of Parliament this week, surgeon Enver Tohti described the tightening oppression of Uyghur Muslims in western China.

This is a people in chains: two million are incarcerated in labour camps, simply for practising their faith and thus offending official Marxist dogma. Mosques have been demolished, and basic liberties curtailed.

The blood test is not to screen for disease but for healthy bodily function. Having persecuted Falun Gong followers for twenty years, inevitably depleting the supply of healthy organs harvested from the sect (as well as from prisoners), the Chinese Communist Party is nurturing a new source for the lucrative transplant industry.

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