Letters 09.15.19

Readers respond to Register articles.

Positive Role Model

Relative to “Doctor Sings the Praises of Preemies,” (In Person, Sept. 1 issue):

As a parent of a preemie, born more than two months prematurely and who now stands 6’2 and 44 years of age, I thank Dr. Robin for her positive statement on the delights and lessons of preemies.

         Marie Czelusniak

         Marlette, Michigan

Mary of the Rockies

Your Aug. 18 issue article “Go to Mary Along the Way” (Travel) inspired us to share with your readers that there is a 90-foot statue of Mary, Our Lady of the Rockies, atop the Continental Divide overlooking Butte, Montana.

Her story is captivatingly intertwined with a diagnosis of cancer, one man’s promise to Mary if his wife was healed, and an 18-inch yard statue that grew to 90 feet through the hands of an articulate welder.

It was placed on the divide with many helping hands, high winds, Sikorsky Sky Crane helicopters and a multitude of prayer!

We invite your readers to come visit Mary.

Her arms are “open wide,” as it states in the song written for her, and welcome all those who wish to come and pray.

Many leave pictures and rosaries with their intentions inside the statue.

         Bob and Judy Gallagher

        Anaconda, Montana

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