Late Summer Musings      

Here are some things I’ve mused about this summer.

Chris Babbler is an announcer on KRLD radio in Dallas. Every time I hear him I think he should have become a preacher.

Mid-America Baptist Seminary in Memphis (alma mater of William Thornton) has named Dr. Lee Brand, an African-American, to serve as academic dean. Certainly, I applaud this action.  I know many were disappointed that none of the recent institutional presidencies went to a minority person. It seems to me that naming minority persons to positions such as vice president and dean will lead to their promotions to CEO positions.

Every small town in Texas has a Dairy Queen. That is a good thing. (Snickers blizzard is the flavor of the month)

When my wife and I toured southeastern Alaska, we saw an SBC church in every town. Kudos to the faithful home missionaries who planted those churches.

How can anyone visit Alaska and doubt the existence of a Creator? It is just magnificent.

Our church probably will fall short of meeting our budget this year (We go from October 1-September 30). We’ve heard from other pastors that this is true for their congregations, also. What about your church?

The work of our Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief teams in the USA and Baptist Global Response overseas make me proud to be a Southern Baptist. Well done!

I’m hearing that several traditional SBC churches in the Dallas area are declining significantly. Is this true in your area? The church that is growing fast in our area is contemporary, really contemporary.

Adam Greenway is off to a great start at Southwestern Seminary (my alma mater). I never doubted that he would.

As I grow older, I appreciate Guidestone Financial Services more and more.

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