Politics is such fun: The Great Democratic Debate, Count ’em…10.

Who’s to say that we can’t have some fun every now and again? Politics is a spectator sport and this is the political Cirque du la Comedie.


Biden: Ol’ bloody side-eye himself. Can he run the long race without stumbling? Well, not so far. He’s going to overshadow Gerald Ford’s reputation for bumbling and stumbling.

Booker: I’m not votin’ for anyone who’s always angry. That went for Ted Cruz and goes the same for Booker.

Buttigeg: Dude, stay away from the Bible. It cannot help you.

Castro: Pretty smooth guy. VP.

Harris: So far a nothingburger. Can’t make a stand. What’s her great vision?

Klobuchar: Has done well up to now. VP. Likable in public.

Beto: Why is this guy still in the race? Does it rhyme with ‘zero.’

Bern: Get a haircut and pass the torch. Nothing new from last go-around when Hil stacked the deck.

Warren: Medicare for all. Math, please? Maybe free DNA tests for all.

Yang: He of the free cash for all. I’ll take mine now, thank you, in the form of a tax credit.

…should be fun. Will stay up for the first half like I do for all football games that begin at 8 or so.


As it stands now, I don’t see any of these getting my vote.

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