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In a society frantically searching for happiness, bestselling author Max Lucado provides a personal plan for a life filled with a lasting and fulfilling joy that often eludes the world.

This joy, supported by Jesus’ teaching and supplemented by modern research, is the topic of his new book: How Happiness Happens. And you can get 5 days of free excerpts from it in your email inbox by signing up here.

The guiding question of the book is simple: Do you feel happy?

It’s a question that all of us ask of ourselves at some point. For the Christ-follower, we know intuitively, spiritually that true happiness is not found in things “of the world,” and yet the question remains one that sometimes stops us in our tracks. How long has it been since you felt a level of contagious, unflappable happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is not inherently wrong, but in a nation (and a world) obsessed with such pursuits, we can easily become infected with the world’s methods. Methods that inevitably fail.

Joy comes from God’s love, Lucado points out. But we sometimes allow this love to feel distant or intangible. “The reason God loves you is that he has chosen to love you,” he writes. From this fact comes lasting joy.

How Happiness Happens is the book that helps this fact sink in to our souls and minds. Sign up for the free 5-day devotional here.

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