2800 Year Old Altar Find Confirms Biblical Texts, Let’s Talk Ad Orientem, and More!

2800 Year Old Altar Find Confirms Biblical Texts, Let’s Talk Ad Orientem, and More!

2,800-Year-Old Altar Confirms War Between Israel & Moab, As Documented In Biblical Texts – Aleteia +1

Let’s Talk Ad Orientem – One Mad Mom +1

More On Liberal Liturgists’ Attacks On Ad Orientem Worship, Bishops, & Priests Who Support It – Fr. Z’s Blog

Exclusive: Fake Visionary Painted Tears of Blood on Mary Statue, Sculptor-Cleaner Reveals – ChurchPOP

The George Cardinal Pell Case: Australia’s Dreyfus Affair? – Philip Lawler at Catholic Culture

The Spiritual Symbolism Of John The Baptist’s Unusual Clothing – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Can I Be “Gay” & Catholic? – Sister Helena Burns, F.S.P., at Hell Burns

Our Role in Helping those with Same-Sex Attraction – Paul Kniaz at Catholic Stand

The Catholic Case Against Open Borders – James Kalb, J.D., at Crisis Magazine

Opposition Is Growing Among Chinese Catholics To New Vatican Guidelines For Clergy – Union of Catholic Asian News

Ode To The Poem: Why Memorizing Poetry Still Matters – Veronica Alfano at Mercatornet

City Or Farm –  Fr. Virgil Michel, O.S.B., at Adoremus Bulletin

Saints Joachim & Anne: Fruitful Infertility – Michele Chronister at Catholic Exchange

How Christ’s Resurrection Redeems Us – Sarah Greydanus at Catholic Stand

Our Lady’s Co-Redemptive Role – Keanu Heydari at Seeking the Owl of Minerva

Gratitude Brings Many Blessings – Charlie McKinney at Catholic Spiritual Direction

A Federal Court Strikes a Powerful Blow for Free Speech & Religious Freedom – David French at National Review

Are Catholicism & America Compatible? – John C. Pinheiro, Ph.D., at Acton Commentary

A “One-Stop Shop” For Natural Law Theory – W. Bradford Littlejohn at The University Bookman

For Australian Catholics, It Feels Like 1st-Century Rome – Natasha Marsh at Catholic Herald

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