Indian scientist demolishes Archbishop Welby’s climate alarmism as ‘disastrous’ for India’s poor

Sep 9, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

A Bangalore-based climate scientist has challenged the Archbishop of Canterbury’s lecture on climate change at the United Theological College in Bangalore, calling Justin Welby’s trip to India a “climate crusade” that is “dangerous and perilous to the people of India.”

In an exclusive interview with Rebel Priest media, Vijay Jayaraj, lead scientist for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said that Archbishop Welby’s “climate alarmism” would have “disastrous consequences” for India’s poor.

Jayaraj, who worked on numerous international assignments, including the Climate Resilience plan for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), called Welby a “brand ambassador of the climate crisis movement,” observing that contrary’s to the archbishop’s claims, “India’s agricultural output is at an all-time record high.”

“There is no climate emergency,” the scientist, who has been at the helm of environmental projects in Portugal, Japan, Norwich, London and Mumbai, said in response to Welby’s climate apocalypticism.

“The only climate emergency that humans encountered in the past 2000 years was during the Little Ice Age in the 16th century that froze parts of northern hemisphere, including the Thames that is not far from archbishop’s office in London,” he noted.

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