Letter to the Editor – Sellers opinion article is ‘spot on’

To the Editor:

Thank you so much, Robert Sellers, for your thoughtful opinion piece titled “The president is correct: There IS an insanity gripping our nation.” My sister forwarded it to me recently and called your perspective “spot on.” I agree.

We were raised in the First Methodist Church in a small town in Colorado. There, we attended Sunday school, church services and Methodist Youth Fellowship. As a young adult, I even played the church organ for summer services. Family members were married and buried there. Although I no longer regularly attend church, I visit when I return home, and those teachings still resonate with and influence my behavior. Values taught me by my parents were affirmed at that church and they continue to guide me, especially in these turbulent times.

So I have grappled with how Christians can support the current president for the very reasons you outline in your opinion piece. He is not humble, accepting, respectful, truthful or dependable, all values Jesus exemplified. He is, in fact, the opposite.

So what is his hold over the conservative evangelicals who continue to support him?

Now that you have so concisely described the contradictions, perhaps you can offer an opinion as to what attracts them to him and how they might be encouraged to reconsider their support in 2020? 

I think, perhaps, it must be Christians like you who will highlight these contradictions to his supporters and encourage them to reject his destructive and un-Christian behavior. 

The health and welfare of our country need your leadership. 

Thank you for your profound piece.

Mimi Budd

Sacramento, CA


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