“Dare to be different! Resist eco-panic and ‘Woke.’”

Sep 6, 2019 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

Eco-injustice has, with the help of Greta Thunberg caught the public imagination and turned into a mass movement. Refuse to panic at your peril.

But it is strange how she has captured the imagination of so many people. She has indeed made many people panic.

In the meantime I’m with Professor Sally Davies, Chief Government Medical Officer. She says Greta has peaked too early with her eco-panic. Prof Sally says that if you really want to help avert an apocalypse, our misuse of antibiotics will kill us long before global warming gets the chance. We should panic about pills and wholesale medical mis–prescribing.

But Prof Sally, who is less iconic than grim Greta, has not managed to catch the public imagination. There are no victims, unless it is all of us, and somehow victimhood needs nowadays to be a bit special. And a mass pandemic that kills all of us equally, has not managed to quicken the woke pulse. Not even a little bit.

The journalist Douglas Murray has been warning us that during the last ten years, with astonishingly rapid speed, we have entered into a new and strange cultural landscape.‘Woke’, the world of the progressive Left, the world of identity politics, has moved outside the exotic confines of university humanity courses into the main stream.

Everything is now morphed into special interest groups looking through the lens of power, and mixing in just enough rage and paranoia tomake the mix truly toxic. One group is set against one another with a hatred fuelled by a sense of injustice and high-octane fear.

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