Transgenderism’s war on language is a war on truth and reality. Here’s another example

Sep 5, 2019 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

In the current war on biological reality as it pertains to gender, the first intended casualty is language itself. In truly Orwellian fashion, the transgender activists have made tremendous progress on this front—as I pointed out in this space earlier this year, at some point almost the entire news media quietly climbed on board with the transgender agenda, obediently using the pronouns requested (even if they were factually inaccurate) and transforming their language overnight.

Thus, “sex change surgery” became “gender affirmation surgery” or “gender confirmation surgery.” I remember noticing the shift and wondering who wrote the new guidelines, who signed off on them, and how the trans activists had managed to get nearly the entire media on board with a cause nobody had heard of less than a decade ago in such a short period of time. These subtle shifts in language are actually tremendously important: “Sex change surgery” is a surgery performed to change somebody’s sex (or at least, attempt to make it appear that way through a series of alterations).

Gender “affirmation” or “confirmation” surgery, on the other hand, infers something quite different. This terminology conveys the idea that the biological male is a female and the biological female is a male, and that the surgery being undertaken thus does not change anything at all. Rather, it affirms or confirms what the recipient of the mastectomies and castrations and other nips and tucks already knows with absolute certainty. In short, it corrects a profound mistake made by nature or nature’s God. There is an entire ideology packed into these small terminology changes, and very few people seem to have noticed the overnight transformation of the media into an obedient purveyor of transgender talking points.

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