Droitwich vicar to paddle down the Zambezi

Laura HandyTeam vicar in the Saltway Team in Droitwich will shortly be paddling 100km of the Zambezi river in Zambia to raise money for Compassion UK. Here she tells us what she is doing and why! 

“Moments of enthusiasm, boredom or inspiration (I can’t quite remember which it was on this occasion!) can lead you to do some interesting things.

“Some month ago I signed up to take part in a challenge to paddle 100km of the Zambezi in a mixture of makoros (traditional dug out canoes), two person kayaks and bigger rafts. I head to Zambia on 10 October to begin the five day challenge a few days later. We will be wild camping along the route and aim to paddle between 20-25km each day.

“I have been to Africa on a couple of occasions, most recently to Tanzania to the Diocese of Morogoro and it is a beautiful continent. This however will be a very different trip and is a pretty daunting challenge.

“I will be raising money for Compassion UK, a charity that I have supported for many years.

“This year marks 25 years since horrendous events in Rwanda that changed the country forever and the effects are still felt to this day. Compassion have a special project raising money to build houses for some of the most vulnerable families that they work with in Rwanda. These parents and children are already part of the Child Survival Intervention’s programme and have been identified as those most in need.

Kayaks on the Zambezi“The trip is paid for and the challenge company wonderfully ensures that the local community and economy benefits and the flight emissions have been offset. All of the money raised goes straight to Compassion UK.

“I’m so thankful for the encouragement and financial support that I have received so far.

“If you would like to find out more about the work of Compassion or feel like you could sponsor or child or even sponsor me on this trip, here the link that you need: https://challenges.compassionuk.org/profile/3696/laura-handy

“My aim is to complete the 100km, not get eaten by hippo, while raising some support and awareness for the work of Compassion UK!”

Revd Laura Handy (Team Vicar, Saltway Team) 

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