Fear used to push assisted suicide as Dignity in Dying make fresh demands

Sep 4, 2019 by

from SPUC:

‘Pro-suicide advocates’, Dignity in Dying Scotland, have made fresh demands, calling for the widespread introduction of assisted suicide as they allege 11 Scots a week can expect a ‘bad death.’

According to a new report produced by Dignity in Dying Scotland, 11 terminally ill Scots could ”suffer intolerably” in their final weeks and months. As a result of these claims, the campaigning group has called for the legalisation of assisted suicide. Dignity in Dying Director, Ally Thompson, claimed that ‘11 Scots a week can expect a bad death.’

SPUC Scotland, Director of Communications, Michael Robinson said: “Scare-mongering is a tactic of assisted suicide advocates. Scotland like the rest of the UK should be continuing to pursue excellent health care for people at the end of their lives and must resist Dignity in Dying’s dangerous agenda. Scaring people to support suicide is a desperate measure with dire consequences as we have seen around the world. Suicide leads to worse conditions for patients and creates momentum for widening the categories of those who are made to feel they should choose to die. We need to ensure we do not become one of the countries where the weak, sick and elderly feel they have a duty to die. Palliative care is the answer to concerns about suffering, yet assisted suicide undermines palliative care by proposing a cheap alternative which undermines human dignity.”

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