Whatever the weather, whether it has been a wet winter and a dry summer, or indeed a mixture of both, we are fortunate to have farmers who produce a harvest. Many will say that they work with three things: a tractor, the weather and God.

Harvest is a time to celebrate: the produce we all enjoy; the skills of all those who work on the land; and the world that God has given us. We may independently be in awe of the countryside we see, or we may take a silent moment to rest in the beauty of creation. We may seek to do this in an act of worship, joining with many others to give thanks.

The annual County Harvest Service organised by the Chaplaincy to Agricultural and Rural Life (CARL) will take place in the Cathedral on Sunday 6 October. Many members of the Young Farmers’ Club (YFC) will help to lead the service, which involves a procession of produce culminating with a traditional, large harvest loaf. This is an opportunity to offer to God the contribution we make in bringing food to the table; to give thanks and pray for others in the agricultural chain upon whom we are dependent; and above all to praise God who gives life to all living things.

A Harvest prayer from the Arthur Rank Centre:

God of the heavens and the earth, You call us to share in the care of your creation and to bring food and fruitfulness from field and farm. Hear our prayer for all who make their living on the land and make us grateful for the work of their hands and for the generosity of your provision. We ask this in the name of Christ. Amen.

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