Nikos | Sunday Pastoral Prayer (Sept. 1) Athens First UMC

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[Our worship theme focused on the Gospel of Luke where Jesus offers us some important very important table manners. For the sermon on what these table manners are click here. It was very fitting on this Sunday to actually share a meal together, the Sacrament of Holy Communion. The picture above was taken immediately after we received the bread and the cup. It was a great morning of worship!]

O God, the table is set. The food is ready. And we have sung the grace before our Holy Communion meal.

Thank you for teaching us the most important table manners of all. That you are present every time we gather, that we make room for others around the table, and that we receive the nourishment of your love as well. O God, there is so much more joy in living out our faith when we remember these table manners. 

Help us to remember your teachings from the Gospel of Luke over these past several weeks. To keep things simple by having our focus on you. To remember to pray often because you are always ready and willing to open your door to us. To remember that all that we have comes from you and because of your grace, we have more than enough. To remember that our faith is a long journey where you call us to be ready to the end. To remember to stand for you in the midst of trials and challenges. To receive your hope anew during those times when we are in need of your healing love. And today’s teaching to put you and others ahead of ourselves.

And on this Labor Day weekend, remind us to think less about mattress sales and cook-outs, and more about those in our community and world who are struggling to make a living. Thank you for our Monday Lunch ministry which will provide not only a holiday meal for our guests who come to our church tomorrow, but also an opportunity for fellowship and connections. May we continue to be a saving station church, rather than a country club church.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, who has prepared a feast for us, who invites us to his table, and who has taught us to pray together saying, 

“Our Father, who art in heaven…”

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