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As we crossed back to the US yesterday, I snapped this first pic of a sign placed by Border Patrol: “CPB Welcomes Your Comments.”

We had just spent time listening to the stories of migrants camped out on the Mexican side.
Salvadorans and Guatemalans.

All of them have been pushed back across our border and are now sleeping on hot concrete or, if they’re lucky, a few of the tents being shared by multiple families. We saw many many very small children. We heard heard stories of hope, but also many stories of heartache.

So, we’d literally just finished speaking and praying with them, when I saw this sign walking back across the bridge.

And I thought, “No…no, you really don’t want my feedback…not right now…”

Then it hit me.

That sign was for all of YOU.

For all my blog friends, reading this post and watching-in on our trip here on the Border.

YOU are the ones God is calling to give feedback to our government.

YOU are the “people.”

So let me ask you a few questions, and elicit your response below…leave a comment.

Are YOU happy with our government’s “metering” policies, which now compels the desperately poor migrants of Central America to camp out in 100-plus degree heat, waiting weeks or month for a court hearing? Sleeping on hot concrete with no water or toilets? Are YOU happy with this?

Are YOU happy with a system that’s not allowing migrants physical access to their attorneys, as is their right under our law?

Are YOU happy with children separated from families in detention centers?

With migrant children suffering from potentially fatal diseases being deported mid-treatment?

With reports of outbreaks of communicable diseases at these facilities?

Are YOU happy with your government’s lawyer arguing IN COURT (arguing on behalf of you, the people) that things like “soap” are not “basic necessities” and defending people sleeping in cages in concrete floors?

My friend, Rev. Owen Ross, talking with Migrants at the Border

Are YOU happy with ICE raids, deporting hardworking people and tearing apart their families, and not just targeting those with criminal records?

What, dear friends, is YOUR “comment” to the CBP?

Leave it below.

And then, when it’s well formulated here, don’t stop there. Call your Member of Congress and Senator and tell THEM.

Or, call the feedback phone numbers on the CPB sign in the pic.

Apparently, they’re asking for it. ?

These policies…these are “who we are now.”

You don’t just get to say “This is not my President.”

It’s not enough to say “I am not like that. My friends are not like that.”

What are YOU going to say?
What is YOUR feedback?
What are YOU going to do?

YOU are “the people.” If anything changes, it will be because you make the change.

In God’s name, do it.
This a fight for the moral soul of our nation.

(We were encouraged to *not* take pics of people directly, as posts of them on social media could either jeopardize them or their relatives in their home country. That’s why many of these pics are with our group members or buildings, and not with the people we saw…)

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