Why Satanism Is Now on the Center Stage in the Culture War

Aug 30, 2019 by

The religious right has often been looked down upon by many Americans involved in the political scene. For them, it shouldn’t exist. According to the secular liberal tradition, the public square is supposed to be value-neutral. Any religious intrusion into political matters is to be discouraged.

The secular left is especially fearful of mixing politics and religion. Its activists are ever ready to find theocracy behind any Christian leader who opines about public affairs. Leftists become enraged at the sight of those who fight abortion with rosaries and prayers. All political appeals to God and spiritual things are customarily dismissed as hopelessly backward and superstitious.

Changes on the Religious Left
However, something dramatic is changing this sterile secular perspective. Suddenly spiritual things are entering into the cutting edge of the political realm.

And the agents of this change are on the left.

The left has always tried to carve out a space in Christianity. Its social justice warriors and liberation theology rabble-rousers never seem to get it right. Their cries to change the world usually do not get beyond a tepid chorus of Kumbaya for ordinary Christians in the pew. More often than not, religious liberals dress up Christian teachings in Marxist clothes, which looks fake. They pay the consequences with their dwindling congregations. It is not a winning proposition.

This is why the new leftist religious upswing is so surprising. However, its activists are not found on any point in the Christian spectrum; they occupy the dark regions of the occult.

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