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Today, we cross the border to see the violence/damage that the “metering” policy has wrought.

God calls us to love the neighbor as we love ourselves. To have one law for the migrant and the citizen.

Instead, we created a new “metering” that is subjecting migrants, Mexicans, AND US CITIZENS to new and dangerous crime and squalor along the border.

It also adds to the fear of our Latinx citizens, who (like in El Paso) are now targets of racial hatred in ways that cause fear and insecurity.

Texans especially have always understood how much we coexist with our friends to the South. For example, my Mother-in-law was born here in the RGV, in a town a few miles from where it sit now. Her Father lived in Mexico at the time of his death. Meanwhile, my Father-in-law traces part of his lineage five generations back onto Texas.

The point is, for decades many of us who live in Texas has worked hard to create a multi-racial society that coexists, respects, and supports each other.

Now, our Federal Government is creating fear, even among our citizens.

We have coexisted for decades.

We never *had* a crisis on the Border before. But we do NOW.

WE have *created* this crisis.

This is who America is.

It is our moral shame.



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