UN Agency Tries to Impose Abortion and LGBT Rights in Sex Education Everywhere

Aug 30, 2019 by

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D., C-Fam:

A UN Agency is urging governments to use deceptive anti-democratic tactics to “overcome social opposition” to comprehensive sexuality education that promotes abortion and LGBT rights.

An internal policy paper published this summer by the UN agency for culture and education, UNESCO, endorses undemocratic methods to promote explicit and controversial sex education when parents and teachers object to it. The paper repeatedly highlights abortion rights and social acceptance of homosexuality as components of comprehensive sexuality education that are often opposed.

The UNESCO paper justifies even recourse to strongarm tactics by lamenting “negative public attitudes” about comprehensive sexuality education “fueled and propagated by organized opposition and lobbying.”

Comprehensive sexuality education is perhaps one of the most controversial subjects in UN negotiations and international development. As the Friday Fax previously reported, UN member states have rejected the notion of “comprehensive sexuality education” repeatedly and there is no conclusive evidence of improved health outcomes or reduced risk-taking behavior from its adoption.

Even so, international aid agencies from Europe and America have worked with UN agencies for decades to get it in schools across the globe. But they have met with stiff resistance from politicians, teachers and parents.

The UNESCO paper begins by lamenting “the continual hesitation about, if not retreat from, the goal of rolling out comprehensive sexuality education.”

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