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This will be on the “Back Page” of the bulletin for this coming Sunday, Labor Day Sunday and the 12th Sunday after Pentecost (Year C), at Fishkill UMC. Service starts at 10:15 and you are welcome to be a part of the worship service.

I could not help
but marvel at how appropriate the Scriptures for this Sunday are for today.

God, through His
prophet Jeremiah, castigates the Israelites for destroying the land that they
were given and once again seeking other gods.

Jesus questions
the hospitality of His hosts because they save the good seats at the table for
themselves and limit who may even sit at their table.

The writer of
Hebrews tells us to not be worried about the material things of life.  Somehow, our holidays of celebration have
turned into markers of time and excuses to buy things.

John Wesley had
no problems with anyone earning as much as they could.  But he warned us
against doing so on the backs of the labor class and the less fortunate. 
He also encouraged each of us to save as much as we could and to give as much
as we could.

I hope that we
will take some time this week and consider who the gods of our society
are?  It is a question that society has
been asked since Paul debated the Athenians some two thousand years ago

On this weekend and in the coming days, consider who your God is.  Are your priorities right or convenient?  Remember that God has shown you in so different ways His love for you.  How are you showing your love for Him?  How are you telling the world  who your God is?

~~Tony Mitchell

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