Why this surge in parents who can’t look after their own children?

Aug 29, 2019 by

by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman:

This week we’ve been republishing a series of articles by Laura Perrins that argue that a radically different social conservative frame of reference is required to stop the social disintegration and dispossession in our society unleashed by 40 years of Left-liberal/feminist/state interventionism. If and when Boris Johnson extricates us from the clutches of the EU, amongst the many questions he needs to address through a brand new set of spectacles is this – what has caused the huge rise in parents in the UK who can’t can’t look after their own children? This article was first published on June 16, 2018.

Last year 14,490 children were taken into care in England – 40 a day – almost double the number in 2008, when the figure was 7,440.

That is a lot of children taken into care. The figures are for England, not all of Britain, just England, and came in answer to a parliamentary question.

Meanwhile a record 72,670 children were being looked after by people other than parents, such as foster carers.

It is not clear to me whether the 72,000 in foster care is in addition to the 14,000 children taken into care, or not. Either way the numbers are not good.

What is causing this huge rise in parents being unable to look after their own children?

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